You’ve made it! You’ve written your business plan, assembled your team, assessed your finances and are ready to get down to business, literally! Next on your long list of to-dos’ is getting your very own office space. Choosing an office location can be challenging because your decision has multiple repercussions for your business. Landing in the wrong spot could cost you clients, and forecasting your future needs isn’t always easy. Ensuring that your new space gives you room to grow and thrive, as well as having a company culture conducive to success are other important things to think about. However, maybe the greatest factor to take under consideration when selecting your place is your overhead. Incorrectly determining these fixed costs can be severe, leading you to incorrectly price your products and services. Consolidating all these expense into one all inclusive monthly payment with no additional charges guaranteed adds simplicity and certainty to your budget. Paragon at 511 understands the needs of business owners, and offers flexible work space and a world class business environment. Here is a useful list of things to think about when considering your new office location:

  • Location- The number one rule in real estate is location, right?  You can change just about everything else in your office except it. Being in an accessible spot that is highly visible to your clients puts you ahead of the game. Paragon at 511 is conveniently located in Cummings Research Park, with easy access to restaurants, shopping, the Redstone Arsenal, NASA and UAH. At Paragon, you are never far from anywhere. Life carries on while you are in the office, and being centrally located will have your staff thanking you forever.
  • Amenities- We know you are busy, and we want to help you focus on your to-do list. Paragon will handle your front desk service, which includes:

-A receptionist (eliminating salary, payroll taxes, insurance and benefits).

– Free Notary Public on site.

– Administrative support.

– A warm greeting for all your clients when they arrive.

When you lease space from paragon, your rent includes a fully furnished office, fast and reliable internet access, all your utilities, office supplies, printers, copiers and scanners and a security system to help you feel safe at work 24/7.  As is all that isn’t enough, there is a top of the line coffee bar and a kitchen stocked with water and snacks for you and your hungry clients all furnished at no additional charge.

Paragon at 511 was created to impress. Our premium conference rooms are designed to maximize productivity, and can be rented by the day, week or month. Our corporate environment promotes a professional image, and our flexible contract arrangements are tailored to meet your needs. Take advantage of the peace of mind that a complete office solution can provide. Contact Paragon at 511 today, and let us take care of your long list of to-dos’ so you can focus on growing your business!